Friday, April 6, 2012

The story behind the Cartagena Necklaces

Irma Guzman was born in Cartagena, a beautiful seaport on the northern coast of Colombia.
A stroll through Cartagena’s narrow alleys will lead you to the imposing colonial structures with lovely protruding balconies draped with colorful bougainvilleas and other tropical flowers.

The architetural beauty of this city is stunning, everywhere you look, you will find vivid colored houses with great personal details. The city was founded 1533 by Don Pedro de Heredia and rapidly became one of the most important Spanish settlements in the new world.

Cartagena, nicknamed The Walled City, was also the most important port for the Spanish treasure fleet and became a popular target for pirates and buccaneers.

Nowadays, Cartagena continues to be the economic hub of the Caribbean region as well as a popular tourist destination. A city of legends, romance and beauty, Cartagena boasts of endless interesting places that brings magic and captivation.

Cartagena is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Considered by many as one of the world’s most beautiful, fascinating and magical cities.

Irma Guzman, has named her new line of necklaces, Cartagena, as a tribute to her native city. These tagua necklaces are as stunning and bold as the city itself.  They are composed of tagua nut petals with exotic shapes and vibrant colors that make them very chic and feminine while staying on the rigth side of sustainability. Visit Irma Guzman Eco Jewelry's site and check them out.

The Cartagena necklace (yellow & orange)
You will stand out from the crowd in this color blocked, sophisticated line of necklaces!