Saturday, November 10, 2012

Eco Chic Gifts for Her

Whether you are treating yourself or someone special on your holiday list, these statement necklaces make for truly memorable gifts.
Tayrona Park: A notice-me necklace with a unique combo of acai, orejero and bombona seeds.
Cartagena: These tagua necklaces are composed of tagua nut petals with exotic shapes and vibrant colors which make them very chic and feminine, while staying on the right side of sustainability.

Cafe Latte: The coffee beans, acai seeds and camajuro seeds make for a big piece that feels superlight, so you will feel comfortable wearing it day and night.

Amazon Rainforest: Go eco chic and look gorgeous while you are at it with this line of necklaces made from tagua nut and acai seeds from the Amazon Rainforest (South America).
Terranova: The beautiful fall colors of burgundy and camel paired together create a color pop necklace, great for daytime or a night on the town.
Cayman Islands: This necklace, designed with a large heart-shaped congolo nut, bulls eye seeds and red acai seeds, will bring exotic allure to your look.
Calypso: A large turquoise tagua nut is beautifully paired with a strand of red bombona seeds in an artful combination of color and size.
Aloha: A design of utmost delicacy, Aloha can be worn long or wrapped around your neck once, for a glamorous touch. This piece stands out with confidence, whether displayed in full view or glancing from beneath a jacket.
Tango: This one-of-a-kind, hand crocheted necklace is composed of red tagua nuts, red choclo and platino seeds and small pieces of avocado nut.
Tahiti: This cool multi-strand necklace, made from acai seeds, coconut shell and tagua nut, is an effortless way to wear eco-chic jewelry and look fabulous at the same time. 

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