Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jewelry Organizing Ideas

Having trouble organizing your jewelry? Check out these easy and inexpensive ideas that will help you keep your jewelry organized, visible and handy.
To make this necklace display you will need some chic door knobs in different colors and shapes and a pretty wood frame. Karapaslay.
You will see all of your earrings at a glance with this idea! Use shadow boxes and a screen mesh, cut the screen to size and staple it to the back of the boxes. Decoratrix.
Love this idea for both necklaces and earrings, take a piece of wood, cover it with fabric and add hooks. The jar collection.
Love this rake organizer.Hang the rake on a screw, rake prongs down. Arrange your necklaces on the prongs. The look today.
How about this one? You will only need a cork board and thumb pins to hang your necklaces. Hub pages. I hope this post has given you some ideas to redo your jewelry storage system and also hope your daily ritual of choosing jewelry is fun ... again!