Monday, June 4, 2012

Kick Off Summer In Style

A spectrum of handmade necklaces and accessories are a colorful display of nature's finest. Bold colors, exotic shapes and textures define these statement pieces that will add a pop of color to any summer outfit! 

Cartagena necklace (Yellow & Orange), tagua nut necklace

Add a touch of glamour to your floral dress by wearing it with sexy wedges and our Cartagena necklace.

Mykonos Necklace

Cartagena necklace (pink & apple green) tagua nut necklace

"Irma Guzman have shown me dozens more ways eco jewelry can be stylish, smart, and completely sustainable." ~ Green Gifts Guide

Gaia bracelet and earrings made from acai seeds.

Cartagena necklace, (orange & pink). This line of necklaces are composed of tagua nut petals with exotic shapes and vibrant colors which make them very chic and feminine, while staying on the right side of sustainability.

Cartagena necklace (purple & pink)

Cartagena necklace (apple green & turquoise)