Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pantone Fall 2013 Inspired Accessories


We are starting to smell the scent of Fall! That means it's time to revamp your wardrobe and your jewelry collection!
Here we share some of Irma Guzman Eco Jewelry pieces with amazing color combinations inspired by the Fall 2013 Pantone colors.

First up, we have the Persian Nights necklace which offers an interesting color combination (Emerald and Mykonos Blue) that exudes elegance and luxury. Definitely a conversation piece!

Persian Nights necklace
We are in love with this color scheme that features a vibrant, deep fuchsia that Pantone calls Vivacious combined with Acai, a rich deep hue of purple. The Gaia bracelet, made with acai seeds, is absolutely arm candy!
Gaia bracelet
Next up, we have this rich shade of orange that Pantone is calling Koi, which absolutely captures the spirit of Fall paired with Mykonos blue, again, which exudes a sense of relaxation and calm! The Amazon Rainforest necklace, made with acai seeds and tagua nut petals, with this color combo is definitely an attention-getter!
Wow! A stunning combination of Samba, a spicy shade of red, Acai and Mykonos Blue offers a harmonious balance in these vibrant earrings. Our Karina earrings can be worn throughout the year making them super versatile.
Karina earrings
 Have a passion for all things purple? Well, Acai is your color.   Elegant, gorgeous and the sort of shade that exudes a royal flair. Here is that special special statement necklace you have been looking for: the Rose necklace made with bombona seeds and embellished with an orange peel rose. Uniquely eye-catching.
Rose necklace with bombona seeds
What happens when Koi is combined with Vivacious? Definitely something bright and festive like the Cartagena necklace, designed with tagua nut petals. A beautiful piece that will light up any look.
Cartagena necklace
Samba, we are loving this powerful color and we hope you can see why!  Our Red Sea bracelet, made with acai seeds and red wood beads, marvelously represents this fiery hue. What a showstopper bracelet for everyday or evening!
Red Sea bracelet
 Finally, Mykonos Blue shows up again here as a great combination color paired with Vivacious. The Rose necklace made with acai seeds and embellished with an orange peel rose is a uniquely compelling piece.
Rose necklace with acai seeds

So what do you think? How are you liking this ensemble of Pantone colors? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. These are just gorgeous! I'm loving the Acai and the Mykonos Blue.

  2. Beautiful designs! My favorite is the Red Sea bracelet! Awesome!