Sunday, February 21, 2016

Irma Guzman's Caribe Collection (Part 1)

We are so excited to introduce our new Caribe Collection, an ensemble of exotic and festive pieces that pays homage to Irma Guzman's Colombian roots. Handcrafted with natural materials from Latin American such as seeds, totumo and coconut, these pieces are fun, and will definitely cheer you up, and empower you, they are designed to boost your confidence and make you feel sexy!

Cartagena, Irma Guzman's Hometown

The exotic combination of paxiuba seeds from Brazil and coconut shell beads in different sizes makes the Heredia necklace a unique find. 

Heredia Necklace

Fun and unique these earrings were made by Colombian artisans using totumo, a fruit very similar to coconut, but with a smoother hard shell, which is used to make decorative bowls, spoons and artisan jewelry. They are very lightweight and easy to wear! 

Totumo Earrings

The Baru necklace offers an exotic combination of shapes and materials: coconut shell pendant, wood beads, acai seeds, turquoise howlite horns and antique brass chains and beads. You will turn heads with this fascinating statement necklace!

Baru Necklace

Simple and bold, the San Andres necklace is perfect for the summer days. This exotic piece looks great on and is lightweight and fun to wear. Pair it with a tanktop and jeans, or a sundress. 

San Andres Necklace

How fun are these heart-shaped totumo earrings

Don't miss the second part of our fabulous Caribe Collection!

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